Polish Up Alright

Cody and I have always been similar minded in that we have always wanted more than working full time until retirement. This meant that we had to work out a way for us to financially support our lives. Cody always had a keen interest in share trading, despite my little understanding we knew enough to realise to make money through this means you need money to make money.  So this ruled out this option at least for now.

I always liked the idea of owning my own business. Something about it just got me excited. Cody also thought we could do something in this space too, and so we started months of brainstorming. We had lots of ideas. Some good ones, bad ones and some ugly ones. A lot of our concepts needed either a lot of money or a lot of hands on commitment. We needed something relatively achievable with our level our knowledge and experience.

Fast forward a couple of years, countless high-5’s, some $$$, a lot of disagreements, plenty of customers, and numerous late nights- I’d like to introduce you to toffey.

toffey is our online store. we sell our own brand of gel nail polish on a website we created ourselves. We also have various accessories for sale, marketing programs in place and an ever growing social media presence. toffey has given us so much more than we could have hoped. We have learnt so much about business, ourselves and of course- nail polish.

We went with gel nail polish because we saw genuine growth potential in the product. There weren’t too many competitors and we thought we could give them a run for their money.

Personally, I was a manicure every fortnight kind of gal. Cody being in finance and always a bit of a tight ass (he’s much better now) rolled his eyes every time I would go off to see my nail technician (aka a money black hole).

Every girl can attest to how good a fresh manicure feels (I can feel you nodding right now). My manicure is so much more than just a nice colour. It’s makes me feel confident and beautiful. It finishes off my outfits and compliments my jewellery.

I knew this feeling was something every girl could relate to. I wanted to recreate the salon experience for the ladies who may not be able to justify $60 a fortnight to the luxury of perfectly primed paws.

So, each and every day I wake up to post photos on Facebook and Instagram and I check our emails to see if we have received an orders overnight. Every time my phone makes a noise notifying me of an email I quickly check it to see if it’s an order. It’s all such a rush. Nothing feels quite as good as seeing a customer post about our product on their social media account. There is a genuine love for toffey out there now, and it is so humbling to see.

I could talk endlessly about toffey and what we are working on in this space but I will leave it there and pick it up again soon.


T x

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