Your place or mine?

One of our many reasons for choosing the House Sitting life, is to allow us to save money. At the time, we weren’t really saving for anything in particular, but as the months unfolded so too did our opportunities. In short, we have now booked a ticket each to London and plan to live in Europe for the majority of 2016. So I guess you could say the suitcase and I need to get used to each other. House Sitting has become a training bootcamp for keep possessions on the low and the end goal is more than enough to motivate me.

When we mention house sitting to friends and new people we meet, their initial reactions normally include: How did we get into it? Do we have to pay? Is it awkward living in someone else’s house? Do you take your own sheets and towels? Before I answer those questions, it all started because Cody and I wanted to move to the Sunshine Coast. I  started looking for jobs and didn’t really have much luck. I came to the conclusion that I could Freelance with my skills in marketing and copywriting and although it may take a while to get rolling potential income was quite good. Choosing to Freelance also meant I could work around my schedule as well as give me the time to work on toffey (our online store- more about that later).

With Cody already working full time on our business we needed a way to reduce our expenses significantly. Especially if we were going to be able to afford for me to discontinue working full time as well as live where we want to- something had to give. Our biggest expense was rent, and the associated living expenses that come with leasing an apartment.

Over coffee one day, it was actually Cody’s Mum, Leanne who suggested we look into house sitting as a way for us to cut living expenses as well as live where we wanted to. House sitting definitely wasn’t front of mind for us, we had done it a few times for friends and family as a favour as they went away for an occasional holiday and their animals needed looking after. But we never considered it to be a legitimate full time way to live.

At first, our reaction was probably similar to yours when you first started reading this blog. But we seriously thought about and did a bit of a pros and cons list; and came to the conclusion that this could be an amazing way to get where we want to in the long run. And with that, the house sitting journey began!


T x


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