I went from living in a quaint two bedroom apartment in a Brisbane inner suburb to a life on the road with not much more than the car I drive and a suitcase of possessions. Before you ask, this was a choice. In no way was this a situation I forced into. Good bye to my perfectly arranged colour scheme and my beloved dining chairs (I seriously love my chairs).

So what gives? In short, my boyfriend Cody and I decided to give up our life in Coorparoo in exchange for the journey of House Sitting. I will talk about what this entails and why in future posts but for now I want to talk about going from having limitless wardrobe choices to having nude, white, black and grey on repeat.

At the time, my wardrobe in our home seemed empty. But I have soon come to realise looking back, that my abundant wardrobe was more than enough. I’m not the kind of girl that wears designer clothes. Truth be told you’re more likely to find me searching through the discount racks at Target, Kmart and the occasional Op Shop (I’m sure I will write about this some more later). I don’t get caught up on who wore what, but I do love looking great for a bargain. Most compliments I get quickly follow with me saying something along the lines of “It was only $5 from Tar-getttt”.

What this of course means was that I had HEAPS of clothes. Naturally I had some favourite items so these were worn the most, but this was okay because I had choice. I had variety if I wanted it and if it came to it I was happy to go out and buy something for a special occasion – even if it wasn’t so special after all.

After we made the decision to break our rental lease, it came time to cull my belongings. I really don’t know how to describe the ups and downs of how I felt. In one hand it was refreshing. I remember thinking to myself “Who needs this much stuff anyway?” and then there were the “Who am I kidding, I need this much stuff!” thoughts.

A few days later, 6 garbage bags to St Vinnies in Stones Corner (head there if you want to find some real gems), 2 boxes filled that went straight to my parents garage (these were more sentimental items and expensive purchases), 1 bag of hand me downs to my sister, and 1 box that went to Cody’s Mum’s house that allowed us to rotate some items as the seasons changed.

It was a cleanse. Just me and my suitcase now. Plus a bag of things that found themselves sneaking back out of the throw out pile.

Now, I have to be selective about my purchases. Buying a new item of clothing means I have to forego another item, as I simply do not have the room. My wardrobe has a distinct colour palette and does not allow for bright colours, patterns or anything else that stands out. I like to call my new look ‘Minimalistic’. This is the optimists version of ‘Basic’. But I’m okay with that.


T x


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