We made it to London

Wow! What an adventure so far. We left home just over a week and a half ago and I have been meaning to write a little bit on what we have been up to but have honestly struggled to either a) find the time, b) have access to wifi or c) couldn’t possibly keep my eyes open. Nevertheless I will try and do a bit of a recap now and not to leave too much out.

The big flyover

We flew with Etihad Airlines to London via Abu Dhabi. The first leg we got plenty of straight sleep (about 6 hours or so) and it seemed like we arrived in Abu Dhabi in record timing. We experienced a slight delay once we arrived but soon enough we were boarding again for the final leg to Heathrow. We were super lucky nothing went wrong at all. Etihad were awesome to fly with and we had good seats near the front of the plane and didn’t do too badly in the seat neighbour lottery!

Ye olde London Town

What haven’t we done? Throughout the last week or so we have seen and done some incredible things. We caught a hop on hop off bus tour around the city to see all of the most popular tourist attractions, we visited Warner Brothers Studio the making of Harry Potter tour, saw Disney’s Lion King musical, drank 184627 coffee’s and ate just as many chocolate croissants. We also went to the James Bond in Motion tour, shopped in Oxford Street, Camden Town, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Convent Garden and dined everywhere in between. We also saw the New Years Eve fireworks from the rooftop of the place we have been staying (thanks to the generosity of our friends who moved here from Aus). It’s been a whirlwind of excitement each day not knowing exactly where we will find ourselves! You could say we have also mastered the London Tube… although on our second day we did find ourselves getting separated with myself hopping onto a train just as the doors were closing. Oops.

Popping in to Coggeshall 

We also decided to visit my Uncle Stephen and his fiancé Tessa in a small little village called Coggeshall just north of Colchester and Chelmsford in the Essex region. We had to catch two trains and a bus to get only an hour and half out of London but it certainly was worth it. The village itself was tiny but the cutest little township I have ever seen. Uncle Stephen gave us a tour of the village… all of which took 10 minutes and of course included a pitstop at the local pub. That evening we found ourselves in the local indian restaurant; The Eastern View. I promised to give him a plug on my blog if I loved our food… and that we sure did. Cody found a new love for Naan bread and I quote “it could be my new favourite food”. We were told the Lamb was also all the way from Australia and got convinced to try the worlds best brussel sprouts… and yes they were also delicious. We had quite the spread… as you can see below and was definitely a highlight of the trip so far.

Where to next?

The itinerary has changed a lot since my post dedicated to our what’s happenings but we see this as a good thing. We have already learned so much and can’t wait for what we have coming up. So what is coming up then? On Sunday we leave for Edinburgh, Scotland. This wasn’t planned but if you read my post about securing Newcastle United tickets you’d know that’s where we are heading and as it turned out it was cheaper for us to get an international flight to Scotland and then a train to Newcastle then going directly to Newcastle from London. Absolutely crazy. With this in mind we decided to add a couple nights in Edinburgh to explore the town. From Edinburgh, we will be off to brave the cold of Newcastle to watch Cody’s favourite team play Manchester United. Kickoff is at 7.45pm and straight after the game we are boarding a six hour bus at 00.15am back to London to later on that day fly to Geneva, Switzerland. Busy busy.

Happy moments and little memories:



Ahhh so much more I want to include and tell you about what else we have planned. But I wanted to try and keep this as short as possible. Good thing is, I am also keeping a daily journal so I won’t forget the little things from the trip. Any who, that’s a wrap for this entry, I am going to aim to do a weekly catchup here of our going ons! So stay tuned!


T xx




December 14, 2015