Intuition is a curious thing.

I don’t necessarily believes in psychic abilities but I have experienced a couple of times when I just haven’t been able to ‘shake a feeling’. It’s this incredible force that makes you feel like something is really right or is really wrong. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like anything in particular, just like something is going to happen.

I call this is intuition.

The other week I experienced my most eery sense of intuition yet, and I am still thinking about it today, which is why I decided to write it down. The Wednesday night I couldn’t sleep. I laid awake for hours and just had a huge sense of unsteadiness, which is really unlike me.

I guess Cody and I had a bit on, and maybe I was just anxious about everything. We are selling two businesses at the moment (toffey & Maysie), learning German intensively and planning a trip away. So maybe my brain was just on overload.

The next morning I was exhausted. Cody found me in the spare bedroom (I went to try and sleep in there because I knew I was disrupting Cody’s sleep by tossing and turning) the next morning and let me miss our usual morning walk and yoga routine so I could try and get more sleep.

Normally our morning routine is quite strict as Cody is a big believer in creating firm habits (which is great and effective majority of the time). But this Thursday I just didn’t want to play ball. So I asked if Cody wanted to go and get a coffee with me (to get out of the house and to get some caffeine in me). He knew I felt a bit off and happily accepted. We chatted at coffee for over an hour. It was so nice to just sit and chat. Even though we spend all day every day together sometimes we forget to just chat about stuff (instead of toffey, copywriting or Maysie).

I said to Cody, “I just feel like something is going to happen today”. I couldn’t explain what of course but he was comforting and said all the right things (what a catch!).

As we got home and the day continued I got stuck into all the work I had to do, still feeling a little uneasy I just brushed it all off and got on with it.

Two things happened on this Thursday that significantly made an impact on our travel plans.

Firstly, we received an offer and we accepted it on Maysie (our first business sold). I also received a phone call from my previous employer asking me to come back to the agency and help out for an 8 week stint.

With the planning for our trip, we were always going to have enough money to do what we wanted to do, but by selling Maysie and being asked to work for 8 weeks really relieved us both any underlying money worry. It was almost like the money gods were saying hello.

Thinking about the restless night I had that Wednesday evening and the entire uneasiness of last Thursday, I am certain that intuition had something to play. Maybe it was a coincidence? Either way, I want to learn more about this sense. I feel like there is so much more to know.

I’d love to hear any of your experiences with intuition if you’ve had any?


T x

August 20, 2015