New Plans, Same Dreams

Upon arriving home in Australia, Cody and I had some new plans in mind. While we absolutely LOVED travelling the world (and by no way are we ready to not do this) we did get to a point where we wanted to settle down in the land of plenty. Cody proposed while we were in Berlin and this meant we had a few ‘things’ to do when we got home. This was quite motivating for me and meant I was ready to get back into working, setting up a more permanent home and start exploring our own coast lines a bit more.

I have started working with an online e-commerce store marketing caravanning accessories, which means my love for travel certainly hasn’t fallen by the way side. I get to write about exploring Australia every day, meet digital nomads (and grey ones) and collaborate with other travel bloggers and influencers every day. Combining my love for writing and travel while living on the Sunshine Coast has been quite the blessing.

I’m still very much a big believer in work life balance, and what makes my new job even more amazing is the fact that I only work four days a week. This gives me time to enjoy working and living and it’s surprising how much one extra day on the weekend really makes.

The Freedom Project is still very much about travel, being happy and finding the freedoms to pursue whatever it is I want in life. While I am working again, I am still pursuing my personal side hustles (my book actually goes on sale next month), planning a wedding (four weeks to go), travel (every weekend I am somewhere new and also planning a trip to New Zealand in 2017) as well as general motivation to thinking and living unconventionally.

So, stay tuned. I will be reviewing some cool products in the coming weeks, recommending some awesome Queensland travel destinations, providing some key tips to keeping motivated while you’re working and other gems I find along the way that you may find useful.


T xx


October 3, 2016