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Worrying about money is one of the most counter productive activities there is. I know this, but it hasn’t stopped me from spending hours contemplating whether or not I should go back to full time work. Despite knowing that I’d hate to going back, it seems to be the easiest way to make sure I have enough money for our trip to Europe and to live each week. With that being said, I had just as much money worry when I worked full time. You spend what you have!

I have had several opportunities present themselves which I could have easily accepted. But there is something about the easy option that makes me want to run the opposite direction. I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, and now feels like the perfect time in my life to test that to its limits.

I have been self-employed for five months, which is five months without a steady flow of income. When I finished up with my last employer, I didn’t have any savings behind me. I actually $20 to my name on the last day of my job. Thankfully I had a bit of unused annual leave and I knew I could last a few weeks before I would need more money.

We knew with my leaving my job, we had to work out a way to reduce our expenses. Cody and I started our first House Sitting gig just before I finished employment, so there were no more bills. Apart from my car expenses, my mobile phone, groceries and other miscellaneous things that always seem to pop up. No more rent. No more internet. No more electricity. The most expensive parts of my adult life, gone.

There is a fine line between being hopeful and being intentional when it comes to setting up alternate ways to earn money. I realised there a million and one ways to make money that don’t involve working a 9-5 if you’re creative and have courage.

First and foremost, I knew Copywriting was going to be my best shot at replacing my income almost straight away. So I started approaching business owners I knew would be able to send work my way. I have a lot of past employers and I am lucky to have kept a good relationship with them all when I moved on. Never burn bridges. Ever. You never know when you’re going to need to reach out for help.

I also had toffey. I knew if I would now have more time to work on marketing, so my plan was to increase sales enough so we start withdrawing money if and when required.

And recently I started The Freedom Project. I wanted to document this crazy journey. I wanted to show people that being unconventional is hard work but if you want it bad enough it will work out.

At times I still find myself worrying about money, but I know that I am working hard every day and it will get to a point where it will pay off. I’m setting up a long term plan for a life. Every day I’m chiselling away at a bigger something. I’m excited everyday about what I am going to achieve and what’s more is I enjoy the day to day just as much as the end goal. Someone smart once said, live for the journey, not the destination.


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August 5, 2015
August 10, 2015