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Between running two online stores (toffey & Maysie), planning this trip of ours whilst intensive learning German I’m thankful I don’t have to squeeze in a full time job as well. Our online stores don’t make enough money to live off entirely, so it does mean I have to do other work to keep money coming in. The type of work I get paid to do, people often haven’t even heard of it, let alone realise it is an option that has the potential replace my entire full time income.

I’m a Copywriter. Which means I write copy. Copy in marketing terms is the writing you see on websites, in blogs, and on other marketing material (brochures and email marketing etc). I often explain it to people as ‘Marketing Writing’. Copywriting is often confused with Copyrighting, which has something to do with law. I’m not a lawyer.

I have a marketing degree and over five years marketing experience with internal corporates, public companies, small businesses and within a digital marketing agency. This gave me a lot of insight into what all sorts of business owners need help with and also guided the decisions I made with what services to offer. I knew for the sake of simplicity, I needed to only offer a handful of services but also make sure that they are easy for a business owner to say yes to with minimal risk and expense on their end.

With all that being said, being a Copywriter has to be up there with one of the best jobs in the world. I can work anywhere I want to, charge what I need to, and work as much or as little as I have to. I work for myself and seek clients that require my services and then approach them. I have a website called The Copywriters, which explains what I do in more detail.  I learnt quickly, that businesses trusted me more when they learned I had a team of Copywriters working with me. Time after time I noticed that Copywriting businesses were getting chosen over my proposals as an individual Freelancer (a Freelancer is someone who just contracts out work for themselves). I figure this is because perhaps a team of Copywriters can get more done, be more flexible with deadlines and be able to take on more work.

So I created The Copywriters to show I could handle more work, more flexibility and get just as much done as the big guys. I pitched the idea to a couple of close marketing pals and they agreed that it was a good move. They even let me put their names on the website to make up my team to help validate the business. In return for their kind gesture, I said they can reference The Copywriters as a way to seek Freelance Copywriting work for themselves too. So the benefits are mutual.

I have also partnered with a couple of Freelancers who are based in New South Wales and Melbourne. They assist me when I have too much work to do or when a client has a quick turnaround request.

My favourite type of client work involves writing their blogs. Some clients even let me choose the topics. You might be wondering how I can possibly write about someone else’s business better than they could, and why don’t they just write it themselves? To be honest, I don’t know as much about their business as they do, that’s a given! But most clients can get past that if it allows them to not have to worry about writing it themselves. They are often time poor and not confident with writing it themselves. I do a lot of research to ensure what I write is accurate and the clients are always left happy and in most cases agree to ongoing work.

My plan is to continue doing this while I am overseas, and my day to day focus is trying to get more ongoing clients so that I have enough work coming in while I am travelling. I don’t want to have to spend time with the business development and sales side of The Copywriters while I am away. As that is when I have to be the most respondent and impressive. Due to time zone differences and perhaps time without wifi if I can have happy ongoing clients before I leave, it will be a lot less stressful and achievable!



August 4, 2015
August 7, 2015