I know it sounds ridiculous but…

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When you think of people who have a personal assistant you think CEO’s, Directors, Business Owners and other people who have lot’s of money at their disposal. There are so many uses of having a personal assistant, and with the internet there are thousands of virtual personal assistants ready to start work now.

So here’s a crazy one for you. Cody and I are hiring a personal assistant. I know it sounds ridiculous but we have big plans and this is just the beginning.

So what on earth are we going to get our new personal assistant to do? Well we see our personal assistant starting off slowly with only about 5 hours per week. We see this position being very fluid and adapting to our needs when they arise. With me going back to work for 8 weeks, I initially need help managing all of my freelance work and my clients. From answering my clients questions on my behalf to applying for new freelance projects, I see this role as the beginning of me being able to scale The Copywriters. I’m also going to utilise our new PA to proof read all of the Copywriting Projects before they are released to clients as well coordinate the Freelance work between my team of Copywriters.

As our trust grows with our PA so too will their responsibilities. Not only will building this up be handy while I return to work for a few weeks, but it will be immeasurably helpful while we are travelling and while I may not be able to communicate with clients.

Cody and I are also intend on using the PA to do a lot of research for us when we are brainstorming new business ventures. Cody and I have lots of ideas, always. The research behind choosing which ideas to pursue is time consuming and with a bit of guidance our personal assistant will be able to funnel the good ideas from the ugly ideas.

We also want our PA to be our personal research and travel booking agent. Managing all of our flights, accommodation, Visa research and activities while we are away. We will do initial research for these, as it’s arguable that this is one of the most enjoyable parts of travelling. Essentially, the PA will get the bulky information overload stuff organised, so we can make better, more informed decisions.

The cost of a personal assistant isn’t anywhere near what it used to be, which is what makes it so achievable. We have posted a job ad and have had over 20 proposals so far of budding PA’s for us to hire. The price range starting from $3 -$10 USD from candidates from the USA, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the list goes on.

Starting off with only 5 hours a week gives us a chance to test the new PA out without too much of an investment. If it doesn’t work out, we will trial another one. And we’ll continue until we find someone who is the right fit for mine and Cody’s craziness.

So with that being said, I’m off to read through these applications and hopefully hire myself a PA. I will let you know how it all plays out!


T x

September 5, 2015