How to Run Your Online Business While You’re Travelling

How to Run Your Online Business While Your Travelling

This week it has been hectic to say the least. I’m currently in Munich, Germany and arrived here yesterday after spending a couple of days in Prague, Czech Republic. All of this travel is so much fun and I have been absolutely LOVING it, but I have been doing it while juggling my ever-growing copywriting agency.

I have been writing back to clients between bus stations, catching wifi at every cafe, writing briefs for the copywriters on the bus and have been juggling deadlines left, right and centre trying to keep everyone happy. This is of course has been in between eating gelati, pretzels and wandering in forgotten alley ways in ancient cities.

So while it has been crazy, everything has fallen into place for my clients just how I hoped. So I thought I’d share with you how you too can effectively travel and run your online business on the fly. No matter what sort of online business you have, I have put it down to these few things that should hopefully also apply to you:


I knew for quite a while I would be travelling for a week in May. So leading up to this time I made sure we had the right hands on deck. Whether you’re travelling or not you need a team you can rely upon for when you need it. I have awesome writers on stand by and a proof reader that I know will be ready for whatever I flick his way. As well as having the right people in the right place, I also delivered all major work ahead of schedule and promised any new work for the following week. Normally we pride ourselves on quick turnaround delivery times but I was honest with my clients about when they’d get there projects back and there were no problems at all.


As mentioned above, have the right team in place. It’s unrealistic to be awesome at everything in optimal working conditions let alone when you have no wifi and are in between bus depots. Delegate the work you don’t need to do yourself and save your limited working time to the tasks that no one else in the business can emulate.


Not all clients or projects are created equal. Do what is urgent or most important first and then get to the other things as soon as you can. You can always set an ‘Out of Office’ message so your clients know as soon as they’ve sent an email to you that you’re on the road and will get back to them when you can.  Depending on how long you’re travelling for really determines your exact strategy here, but I responded to all emails individually and was upfront about any work that I wouldn’t be able to get to this week. All clients were understanding of this. Phew!

Charge Up

This one is a given. Always be sitting pretty on 100% when you leave your hotel, campsite, AirBnb or bus. You never know when you’ll need to quickly get on a Skype call or write urgent proposals. Always have your devices on optimal charge.

Don’t Stress

Last but certainly not least. You’re on holidays and are gallivanting around the world. If you can’t get everything done in one bus trip don’t stress about it. You have to enjoy your trip and while this does mean you have to balance a few things that most other people don’t have to worry about, it’s pretty freaking awesome that you can work and travel at the same time which is why you probably started a business like this one in the first place.

So while I have had a few hairy moments this week I have had to keep reminding myself that nothing has fallen apart, I have continued to deliver as per my clients expectations and new work is pouring in each and every day. Yes, I’ve had to do a bit of work here and there, but my ultimate goal is keep scaling and growing the business in a way that allows me to successfully operate no matter where I am in the world. So while I’m sitting here and reflecting about the juggling act, I can’t help but feel so darn grateful to be in this situation!

Time for a bier (and by bier I mean mojito. Sorry, I just can’t do beer even if I am in Bavaria!).


T xx

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May 27, 2016