Her Freedom Project With Maha Zeibak


Meet serious girl boss and fashion powerhouse Maha Zeibak. Her career began with a prominent wholesale and distribution agency where she was responsible for distributing womenswear brands to 200 boutiques and department stores across Canada. With a penchant for entrepreneurship, she co-founded UPC boutique, a luxury clothing and accessories boutique.  It quickly became a destination store in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville district and a laboratory for emerging designers.

With a desire to grow laterally, they collaborated with a design team to develop a private label, Thomas, which was distributed in New York and Toronto.  UPC boutique also developed an e-commerce presence which propelled them to grow Internationally.  Here developed a new dimension to her passion in retail and Maha began to immerse herself in e-commerce, where she became Head of Digital Merchandising for the premier online retail platform in the MENA region, Souq.com. With a vibrant passion for fashion, she knew she wanted more and so VIS à VIS Retail was born. Vah-voooom!

Tell us about your Freedom Project?

My freedom project is VIS à VIS Retail, a Fashion Retail Consulting Agency whose mission is to support fashion retail SMB’s (designers and retailers) accelerate growth and transform consumer experience.  We design bespoke solutions for our clients by immersing ourselves in their business and then developing marketing, merchandising and growth strategies to help take their business to the next level.

Why and when did you start your Freedom Project?

March 2016

What does “Freedom” look like to you and how will you know you’ve made it there?

Freedom to me is having ability to choose what clients I take on, choose the hours I work, that I am in control of how much income i can make on a month to month basis, that I can decide when to take a vacation and for how long.  It is being in control over over my professional and personal life and the balance between the two.

What excites your most about your Freedom Project?

I love the fact that I support entrepreneurs in their passion projects, that I offer an affordable and effective solution for them to help take their business to the next life.  At the same time, I love that I am working with a team of fashion retail juniors and experts who are equally passionate about their work.  I offer them flexible work hours and the ability to work from home as long as they provide high quality work and dedication.

What has been your major hurdle throughout the journey of your Freedom Project?

Figuring out how to grow the business and scale without working endless amounts of hours.   

Have you over come it? If so, how?

Yes!  This involves working hyper efficiently and choosing the right people to add on to the team, trusting in them and not micro managing them. 

What would your advice be to women who have yet to start their Freedom Project?

No change brings no change.  If you are feeling unhappy in a job or in a career take small incremental steps everyday to transition into your dream future.  Hard work, dedication and passion pays back exponentially when properly channelled.