Her Freedom Project with Csilla Mihalyi

Byron Bay-based active wear range The Elements Co. was founded by Hungarian native and yoga practitioner Csilla Mihalyi, whose love of the spiritual practice saw her move into the active wear world. Csilla has been active in pilates since age 17 and yoga since 2011 and it was the combination of these two disciplines that became her therapy and lifestyle. Last year she also became a qualified yoga teacher when she launched The Elements Co. Although Csilla is a busy woman, I have been very lucky to get to know her in recent times. I just had to get myself a pair of her yoga leggings (winter fern in case you were wondering, and no I don’t sleep in them even though I wish I could) and have loved getting to know her business along the way. I hope you enjoy getting to know Csilla a little bit more and can get behind her amazing brand as well.
Csilla, can you tell us about your Freedom Project?
The Elements Co. is a yoga and active wear range which was created for active women to find joy and balance in the every day life. Every day, I see that women tend to forget how amazing life is and how beautiful they are inside and out. Sounds very simple but I believe positive attitude and balance is the key. When you are in a stable, five-element environment and everything is under control, you live peacefully and feel happy, relaxed, lucky and healthy.
The Elements Co. refers to the five classical elements of the universe and all other things in our world are a compound of these five elements. These elements also have meaning of Movement, Change and Development. Just like everything around us, we are constantly changing, moving and developing. Bringing these elements into balance will have you feeling amazing and that is what The Elements Co. aims to be all about.
Why and when did you start your Freedom Project?
We launched The Elements Co. in October 2016 but really started working on it a year or so prior to that.  Our mission is to spread the yoga love. I did a lot of research to find the highest quality fabric and the main purpose for me was always “quality over quantity”. I wanted to create leggings that we can wear outside of the yoga or fitness class.
What does “Freedom” look like to you and how will you know you’ve made it there?
I believe there are 2 different ways to find freedom in work. One is the freedom that comes from happiness caused by doing what I love and what I am passionate about. I definitely reached this kind of freedom because my job(s) make me happy and that’s what matter the most I think. The other way of freedom is the financial freedom which I am working on. I still have another part time job in the yoga industry. If you ask me which one is more important for me – being financially free but not so happy or being happy but not completely financially free – I’d say being happy and working hard towards financial freedom. Unsure what if you have both of these in your life, hopefully the financial freedom doesn’t destroy the happiness and passion.
What excites your most about your Freedom Project?
Endless learning and growing opportunity.  I’ve learnt so much since the very beginning. I like to involve myself in every aspect of the business. Also, I am very excited about the future and where The Elements Co. can take me.
What has been your major hurdle throughout the journey of your Freedom Project? Have you over come it? If so, how? If not, why not?
My biggest hurdle is to get my products and brand name recognised by yogis. It is not easy and takes time of course. The market is huge and we have so many opportunities, but who knows which opportunity is the right one for my business? Guess we just need to try and be open for new opportunities. I’ve also been trying to find studios to stock our products, this has been very successful.
What would your advice be to women who have yet to start their Freedom Project?
Follow their heart and create something with love. Don’t worry if it is a little slow in the beginning, work towards your goal every single day and you’ll get there. Build your network and be open to receive suggestions and feedback from others. Use this to improve your products / service.
Meet Csilla!

And this is me, trying to be zen in my TEC Winter Fern Leggings!