Her Freedom Project with Caroline Matthews

It’s so important that we do what fills us with joy and passion everyday. So many people don’t and assume that they have to live that way (I say no to that one!) Meet Caroline Matthews.  An award winning bridal/fashion designer and a business coach for women. She helps women design and create businesses that are in true alignment with themselves through her business The Luxe Collective. She started her freedom journey many moons ago now. Caroline had always wanted to be a designer ever since she was the ripe young age of 4. But she always wanted to create a business that meant something, so let’s hear more about her story as she shared with The Freedom Project.
I never wanted to be “just a designer with a brand/label” I have always felt such a pull to creating businesses that serve me, inspire and help other women and most of all see their faces light up achieving their goals or wearing one of our pieces. Our bridal label Caroline Atelier has won numerous awards and our mantra is “Brides with good vibes” Our fashion label: Carolineamatthews was started through the same passion, to see women rock it out and own their lives by wearing clothes that made them feel alive and feel they could take over the world in.
Our bridal range I started over 10yrs ago and our fashion label has been running for just over 18 months. The Luxe Collective which is my latest passion has been going for just over 7 months, so still new but equally exciting for the direction it may take.
I have always wanted to work for myself, to be honest. I did the whole rat race, cubicle jungle thing and I felt like shit. It made me ask myself everyday “is this it?”. As with most entrepreneurs something happens for them to get their ‘aha’ moment and mine really came when my 9 yrs relationship ended. I lost my home, job (as i was building his business for me) my life, confidence, self worth and a lot of friends too. I went into the depths of no self confidence, no self worth, questioning everything I did and who I was.
But now I am grateful that the relationship ended and can see the good that has come out of it. Through my darkness came light, the light of my fashion line to empower women through the clothes they wear and also with The Luxe Collective.
Freedom to me means one thing: doing what I love everyday and it not feeling like a job. To create time freedom and money freedom, you have to do what you want in life. If you don’t then you are never free, you are always asking “what if’s” and you are always living with a bunch of regret and that I know that I would never want to do.
I am excited everyday by the most amazing women I get to work with, they are so talented, passionate go-getter’s. All my businesses compliment each other which makes it all the more amazing to do what I do!
I guess my main hurdles when I started my businesses was knowing my self worth and the value of my time. We all want to be the best and get clients, sell products whatever it is. But if you don’t know your own self worth then you attract the wrong business and clients into your business. I learnt this the hard way and it made me struggle for so many years. All the systems and strategies are no good if you don’t value yourself enough to create businesses that serve you 100%.
My advice!! To get so clear on your WHY. Why is this business important to you, write out your life goals before your business goals, how you want your day to look, where will you work, how many hours you will work. It makes building your dream business so much more fun and achievable than saying… I need to make $10k this month and I have to do it by …… xyz
But most importantly, BE YOU, by being you, and staying true to what you truly want to do and be, you create a truly freedom business!