From Newcastle to Berlin… and Some Places in Between.

I feel like I haven’t given an update in a while-  but it’s only been a week and a half. Last time I wrote I was on a train heading to Newcastle and now I am on a couch in our apartment in Berlin. And so much has happened before I got to here. So this blog post may not be as descriptive as I’d have hoped because there is just so much I want to say.

First up, Newcastle.

It was awesome. It was very cool to see Newcastle United play and I am super happy that we ticked an item off Cody’s bucket list. After the game, we caught an overnight bus at 00.15 back to London (it took longer than anticipated because a lady got stuck in the bus toilet), but overall it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. Once we arrived back in London, we had to make our way back to our friends apartment in Islington, to repack our luggage and hope that we were under the baggage limit for Easy Jet (which we were after throwing a lot of clothes away) and then it was straight to Luton Airport heading for Geneva.

Geneva, Switzerland

To be honest, when we arrived to Geneva that night we were struck with our first bout of travel anxiety. Our cab cost way more than it should to travel 10 minutes and we were in an Air Bnb apartment (with a private room) sharing with a guy who didn’t speak much English. It was dark when we arrived and we hadn’t had a chance to get our bearings so we just felt quite a bit uneasy. This feeling was gone when we woke up the next morning and looked out the window. Snow was falling. Real snow!! We were so excited to get amongst it (I made sure we packed the selfie stick that day) so we got ready on the hunt for a Starbucks (I know, not very authentic but when you’re tired you just want little comforts- and for me that’s a caramel latte I can count on). The snow was awesome! It made everything seem magical and that uneasiness we felt the night before seemed like a distant thought now. We explored the town for the next couple of days and although everything seemed to cost three times what it should – we had a really nice time.

Chamonix, France 

I don’t even know where to begin with this place. It was simply magnificent. We loved everything about this beautiful town and were very happy we added it to the itinerary. The 360 degree views of the French Alps, the snow covered alley ways, the delicious food, our cute Air Bnb apartment, even the sore muscles we had will leave an everlasting impression in my memory bank for this trip. Cody and I had such a wonderful time here both together and with our friends. Codes picked up snowboarding so incredibly fast, by day 4 you wouldn’t have guessed this was his first ski trip and I was very proud of his achievements. I loved hearing his excitement as he described take by take his successes on the slopes each day and although I wasn’t snowboarding myself (I liked the security of the skis) it was cool (literally) to be by his side as we tackled some really scary runs together. We even did this super cool luge ride, the first time I thought we were definitely going to be flung to our deaths, but by the second go (which we have go pro footage of) I definitely handled myself better. I think I was so freaked out by it purely because our only means of braking was in the hands of Cody and he liked to approach those corners a little too fast for my liking. While we didn’t know much French, there was enough English speaking folk to make our stay in Chamonix straight forward and as sad as it was to say farewell we definitely we know we will come back here again one day soon.

Berlin, Germany

We had a bus ride back to Geneva, to then wait in the airport for about 6 hours before our flight for Berlin. Side note: as we approached the Geneva Airport the bus radio played “Down Under” by Men at Work and we both enjoyed the lyrics as we pulled up to the departures gate at the end of the song.

Anywho, we arrived in Berlin around 11pm (there was no passport stamps or customs which we thought was strange- I almost wanted someone to check out my visa that we went to so much effort to get) that night we stayed in a Holiday Inn near the airport with a nice 12pm checkout the next day so we could get some peaceful shut eye. We woke up and the first thing on the agenda was coffee and working out where on earth we had to go. We had an Air Bnb to stay at for the next 3 weeks and a job interview along the way (I’ll tell you about this another time) so we had a few logistics to work out. Once we did arrive to our Air Bnb apartment, the host was lovely and gave us a quick rundown of everything and once she left we got to… *insert drum roll*… UNPACK! It was awesome! We have a wardrobe each and can now see what we have, it takes no time to find things and what’s even better is our clothes that are dirty can go straight into the washing machine ready for the next load. It feels so good to have a little place of our own for the next few weeks. You don’t realise the toll of moving around so much until you don’t have to.

Our first day in Berlin was really cold and our bike tour of the city was cancelled due to the amount of snow that was both falling and on the ground- making it too dangerous to ride around. As much as I was looking forward to it, I was too cold to be riding around a bike for 4 hours. So this has been postponed until next week.

While the apartment we are currently in is awesome, we will have call another one home in a couple of weeks where we will be staying for the next four months. Today we went for a little adventure to see where it is and boy is it in the best location. We are in the middle of a big park (feels a bit like Hyde park in London), a hop away from the trains, walking distance to several iconic landmarks and the bike tracks look like a safe way for me to get around.

That’s a wrap

All in all, the last week or so has been hectic. There is so much more I could say but my hands are getting sore from typing and I wanted to keep this relatively easy to read. This coming week Cody and I are getting back into The Copywriters (our freelance copywriting business) on the hunt for new clients and developing current and past clients. We are excited to get stuck into our 2016 work year and putting into action some of the ideas we’ve had over the last couple of months. Oh and here are some photos from the last couple of weeks:


T xx


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    January 25, 2016

    Thanks for the update guys. Have fun settling into Berlin.

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