Blogger’s Block & New Direction

The Freedom Project has been going since 2015. A long pursuit really in comparison to the rest of my ideas. Usually I get anywhere from 0-6 months out an idea before I totally lose interest and bound onto the next greatest thing. Until more recently. While my TFP Instagram and FB still get a whole lot of love, my blog has been left in the dark corner of the spare room that no one dare enters. Sadly, after so much writing (personally and professionally) I guess the idea of sitting down to write another god damn blog made me antsy. Does anyone even read them anyway? As you’d find with most conditions, there’s nothing a bit of Googling and self-diagnosis can’t fix.

Enter my condition:

Bloggers Block. (n). 

Blogger’s Block is a condition, primarily associated with blog writing, in which a Blogger loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown often resulting in frustration, hair loss and excessive chocolate consumption.

There you have it. A not-so-scientific reason (or excuse) for my six month resentment period of putting words together that spans any longer than an Insta caption. If I couldn’t include an emoji in it, it wasn’t happening. Until now!

I found my mojo (as Austin Powers calls it). After tearing my hair out (I jest, it fell out from my plan-a-wedding-in-5-weeks great idea), I have finally figured out where I want to take TFP. I realised what’s I love about TFP is sharing my personal freedom projects and ideas. I guess the goal was to inspire others to seek more from life than what is expected of them. My ah-a moment hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was being selfish. My readers can’t learn everything they deserve by reading about my adventure alone. There are so many kick-ass, muti-tasking, business-owning gal pals out there. So I decided to invite them along for the TFP ride.

I’m super excited, I’ve spoken with some INCREDIBLE business women, super mums, travelling goddesses, bloggers and more! They all have little lessons to share. I know my readers (yes, YOU!) will learn so much from these girl bosses. Combining this with my perspective and commentary will be not only a new direction for TFP but a way to address the fears and circumstances of all you who can’t quite relate to my personal story but appreciate the principles I am trying to convey.

Further to this, I have also been trying a heap of new healthy and invigorating products and experiences. From organic skincare products, Bikram yoga, vitamins, to float therapy – I will be stepping you through what I’ve had a chance to uncover some truths based on my personal experiments.

So without getting too girl-power on you all, I welcome you to the refreshed, found-my-mojo, super-charged version of TFP. I hope you love hearing from all the guests I have had the absolute privilege of getting to know and if you want to be apart of it just send me an email.


T xx