An Update from a Train Carriage

I’m currently sitting on a train next to my partner in crime from Edinburgh to Newcastle (not exactly the image in the header but I thought it was pretty). I have connected to the coach wifi and thought I should use this time to give an update on our latest adventures, a few decisions we’ve made about our trip as well share some photos.

In the last week Cody and I made a few decisions about what we are doing and we are more excited than ever. We ended up cancelling our Work Away in Switzerland. We were supposed to go to Varen, Switzerland to help out on a winery for four weeks in exchange for free accommodation and food. Although this sounds absolutely incredible there were a few things that came up that led us to make the decision to turn it down. Firstly, I have a second job interview with a marketing agency in Berlin that may require me to begin work on the 1st of February- which may mean I have to fly to Berlin mid-stay to finalise the recruitment process (which would be difficult from such a remote village). Plus if I got the job we would have to leave early from the Work Stay which would be an big inconvenience for the hosts. Secondly to this, our friends from home had booked in a Ski Week holiday in Chamonix, France that we simply could not turn down. So with these two things in mind- we took the plunge and decided that although instead of saving money we will be spending heaps… but we always wanted to fit a ski trip in so what the heck!

We’ve booked our accommodation in Chamonix Mont Blanc, booked our ski and snowboard hire (I will be skiing and Codes will be braving the snowboard), we bought snow boots and ski clothes (pants, jackets, goggles, gloves etc) and we will get our lift passes when we arrive. We will be heading to Chamonix from Geneva, Switzerland – which was convenient as we had already booked these flights so it was a coincidence that this almost teed up perfectly with out friends plans. So that’s that! We will be flying to Geneva tomorrow from Luton Airport (London), stay a few days before hitting up a Ride Share (car pooling with some random…. technology evolved hitchhiking essentially… stay tuned on this one) to Chamonix.

So cancelling our Work Stay meant we could go skiing, but it also means we will be heading to Berlin earlier than expected… yay! We are so keen to get into our studio apartment there… we were able to move our Air Bnb rental to allow us to come a bit earlier (from the 10th of Feb) but we still had to book an extra 20 nights in a couple of hotel rooms (believe it or not this was cheaper than finding an alternative Air Bnb for the three weeks). We paid approximately $1000 AUD for three weeks accommodation through a bitΒ of searching for deals and comparison websites… so we were pretty happy with that in comparison to some of our other costly options.

So, where am I up to! Yes, on a train to Newcastle currently. It is very bleak looking outside my window. Grey and wet. It feels like I am on the Hogwarts Express (food cart and all coming past right now). Cody is getting some reading in while I am distracted!

We spent the last two days in Edinburgh, Scotland. From one of my earlier blog posts, you’d know we are heading to Newcastle to watch Cody’s team of choice (Newcastle United) play Manchester United and as it turned out it was cheaper for us to get to Newcastle via Edinburgh than it was for us to go directly from London (craziness). So we thought we’d make the most of it by staying a couple of nights and exploring the old town.

It was awesome! We did a free walking tour around the town. Our toes were numb towards the end of the tour so we skipped out a little early to get some food. We learnt some history along the way and of course ended up at Edinburgh Castle. Entry price was a little steep (approx $40AUD each) but I guess they can charge what they want for such an iconic tourist attraction. It was really cool to walk through such a historic monument, see the views of Edinburgh and did I mention some of Harry Potter was filmed here (Fun fact: J.K Rowling actually lives in Edinburgh).

We stayed at The Old Waverley Hotel on Princes Street which was incredibly located to the Old Town, Edinburgh Waverley train station, shops, cafe’s and had what we needed (a comfy bed and nice modern bathroom). All in all our trip to Edinburgh was magical and we are so glad we got the chance to visit, we were especially lucky enough to got one of the first clear blue sky days they’ve had in weeks (apparently).

Here are a few photos we got along the way:

Well, my wifi access is soon to expire so I will be in touch soon!


T xx

January 8, 2016


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  1. Allan Shorter

    January 13, 2016

    I expected to see a photo of Cody in a tartan kilt holding a pint of Guinness. Have fun guys and stay safe.

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