A Traveller’s Hairdresser Hack

Before you stress, I’d like to let you know my hair is fine! It’s great actually. By Travelling Hairdresser Hack, I am not referring to a hacked haircut – thank goodness!

No, I’m actually going to tell you about how I went with getting my hair cut in Berlin. If you know me well, my hair is important to me. This may be because I have been through some oopsies and I don’t want to repeat the past. Any gal can attest to this. If we aren’t happy with our hair we have a severe case of identity blues.

It’s a little vein to even write about this. It’s hardly a big issue. But I can tell you I was extremely anxious about getting my hair done in another country. So much so that I transformed from my beloved blonde full/half head foils, toner, trim and treatment combo months before I left Australia to the typical money saving traveller ballyage technique. You can read about that journey here. I figured I’d rather go without being a full blonde if it meant I didn’t have to do a recon mission to get my hair back to normal.

So, I found myself with a hairdresser in my living room with a pair of sharp scissors looking at me. I took the plunge.

Like I said above, I had no plans on anyone coming at me with an apron and comb for the entirety of the trip. But Cody was looking like a merino sheep after a long winter and he desperately needed to be seen to.

Upon arriving to Berlin we joined a few expat forums and Facebook groups and we happened to notice a fellow Aussie do a shout out! “Mobile Hairdresser from Melbourne in Berlin”. It couldn’t be better. First of all – she came to our apartment. Second of all she was an Aussie.

Look, I’m sure plenty of German hairdressers are competent but hey I wasn’t going to risk it when I can only speak two words of German: ‘mit Karamel’ and that’s specifically to ensure my latte’s are always on point.

Sarah (the hairdresser) came to our place pulled out the chair and I made sure Cody went first. I wanted to watch and make sure I was in safe hands. She nailed it. Codes wooly locks were gone and with a bit of wax he was looking mint. I didn’t really need to get my hair cut but I figured she was right there and it couldn’t too wrong with just a cut.

Sarah went on to explain how a lot of her international clients felt the same way I did and even told me that German Hairdressers get clients to blow dry their own hair…. say what? I did see a lady blow drying her hair in a salon as I walked past last week but I didn’t think anything of it… and now I know why.

So now it was my turn. I was after a blunt cut just on the ends. Simple. I explained my fears and I was assured. I looked in the mirror when she was finished ironing it and I was stoked. I loved it! Next time I will be even braver and begin the journey back to my former blonde glory. I miss the summery feeling of being blonde – maybe that’s as close as I can get to feeling summery right now. It is always cold. That’s another story.

Anywho, the point of this story was if you feel anxious trusting people with your hair there are different ways of going about finding a hairdresser in a foreign country that don’t’ require you to just walk into any old salon. Viel Glück

February 12, 2016