10 Things I Will Never Travel Without

When you’re off on your adventure you will find yourself in situations you probably couldn’t have foreseen. On the other hand, maybe you could have if you spent a little time thinking about it. So I have done the thinking for you and have come with a list of 10 things I will never travel without.

  1. A Notepad. A compact and easy to carry notepad. Small enough to fit in my wallet kind of small. My notepad has been used on planes,trains, buses, in cafe’s and at airports. It has been the holder of many important details and some less important ideas but nonetheless I take it everywhere.
  2. A Pen. This one is self explanatory. With a notepad you will need a pen. Don’t be the gal on the plane asking around for a pen when the customs form comes around.
  3. Ginger Tablets. I’m known for getting a little queasy on a bus or taxi ride (ugh). So I take natural ginger tablets before I go on any mode of transport. They are also good when your tummy is upset for other reasons too.
  4. Umbrella. I know it is tempting to leave the umbrella out when you’re trying to save space. But in some cities the weather can turn on you at any moment, so having a small, lightweight brolly everywhere you go will be godsend.
  5. Chapstick. Whether you are off for a summer island getaway or a winter wonderland escape your lips will turn on you. Even the 26 hour plane journey will do your lips harm. The natural elements that you’re not used to will dry your lips out and having a reliable chapstick on hand at all times is essential.
  6. Converse Low-Cut Chucks. This one is a bit of a personal preference. But when there is no room to pack both actual runners and lace up shoes that match with jeans, shorts and dresses – you can’t go past the wonder converse that simply provides comfort and style for any occasion. While you wouldn’t do a marathon in them, they will give you the support you need for most adventure activities on your trip and the daily exploring through the cities.
  7. A versatile handbag. You need a handbag that is suitable for day and night. Isn’t too big but isn’t too small. You need one with both the arm straps and a shoulder strap so you are ready for any occasion. I picked a nude/tan handbag as I felt this matched with pretty much every outfit.
  8. Selfie Stick. I almost hate myself for adding this to the list. I didn’t want to be one of ‘those’ people. But seriously, the selfie stick is freaking handy and is perfect when you are solo travelling or travelling with your bestie or partner when you want to capture both of you in the one photo.
  9. Micellar Water and Rose-hip oil. After a full day of make up wearing and the natural elements you are faced with each day, you need to be able to clean your face, tone it and hydrate it.Unfortunately, you can’t take your entire skin care regime with you (you can but you will be jeopardising precious space), this little combo removes my makeup, cleans my skin, hydrates and restores my skin. I use these brands for the Micellar Water and Rosehip Oil. 
  10. USB. This may sound strange but this one is necessity.  You just never know when you will need it. For me, I have needed to use a USB to get some tickets printed (airline and bus). Some companies don’t have mobile tickets or online check in services you so you need to come prepared with a pre-printed ticket. This means you have to somehow get the pdf ticket from your laptop to a public printer and you will need a USB. We have also needed this to print off electoral roll paperwork to send back home.

I am sure there are so many other things I could put in this list but these items are the things right now I would definitely recommend not to leave out of your suitcase/ backpack. Love to hear any of your suggestions below!


T xx